M&A Solutions

Your strategic partner delivering end-to-end expertise and execution support

Whether you’re looking to grow your practice through acquisition, or capitalize on the equity in your business through the sale of your practice, LPL’s M&A Solutions team provides turnkey expertise to ensure a successful transaction. With both a Buyer’s and Seller’s program and deal support from beginning to end, LPL’s M&A Solutions sits in the nexus of a robust deal flow. This position means we can put the pieces of any transaction together quickly, facilitate the deal efficiently, with positive outcomes for all parties and provide access to financing and expertise along the way.

The complexity and length of the traditional M&A process can be overwhelming and even stop you from pursuing a merger or acquisition opportunity. Now there’s a better way. 

M&A Solutions provides tailored support throughout the entire seller or buyer journey, from establishing your business goals, to valuation, to due diligence and post-closing details. We minimize the amount of executive attention needed for a complex deal, so you can continue to focus on your clients.

  • Our Seller Support program is designed to help facilitate the sale of your practice, positioning your business for maximum value and the right fit.
  • When ready to execute on your deal, M&A Deal Support delivers comprehensive support throughout your transaction, saving you time, reducing your cost, and facilitating a quicker integration after close.


Key Benefits:

  • Complete your M&A deal faster, within just 60-90 days on average
  • Find your ideal partner and maximize the value of your transaction
  • Direct access to our high-volume, M&A expertise (we close more than 100 deals every year)


LPL’s M&A Solutions provides professional support for buyers and sellers, and offers an award-winning service: an end-to-end solution with a team of experts to help guide you through the process. We are revolutionizing M&A by reducing the need to manage multiple third parties and dramatically improving the ease, cost, and speed of the process.


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