Partial Book Sales

Create capacity to do more

You’re in the business of helping people succeed. As your practice grows, you may find yourself spread too thin — especially if your book consists of clients with divergent needs, service expectations, and account sizes.

Whether in growth mode or evolving your niche, LPL’s Partial Book Sales helps you create capacity and regain focus on your goals.


Key Benefits

  • Create capacity - Transfer accounts that no longer fit your model so you can regain focus on your business goals.

  • Easy, automated process - You’ll be guided through the submission and approval process, provided access to client communication templates, and your payout quickly processed.

  • Seamless client transition - After the transfer, the LPL Investor Focused Solutions team immediately initiates communication and assumes responsibility for the client relationship. This ensures your former clients receive ongoing financial advice and services.

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Creating capacity is easy and seamless

Think big picture

Spread too thin? Growing with intention? Strategically right-size your practice while ensuring a seamless client transition.

Join the live demo

Join a live demo

Learn how to initiate a Partial Book Sale, avoid delays, and what to expect after you submit.

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Initiate your access

Partial Book Sales is available to corporate and hybrid RIA-affiliated advisors. Access in ClientWorks by clicking Menu, then Tools, and it will appear in the dropdown.


Advisors rave about the ease of identifying and transitioning clients to LPL, their increased ability to pursue new business, and the great feedback they’ve received from transitioned clients.


What Advisors Are Saying

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“By regularly right sizing my book, I’m better able to meet my growth goals, and feel more fulfilled in my career. The tool simplifies the process and provides the data needed to weigh all factors.”

– Gregg Patenaude
Patenaude Wealth Management, Inc.

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“After transitioning nearly 70 households off my books in the last two years, my average account size has nearly doubled, my AUM has increased by 20%, and I'm now in an advisory relationship with 91% of my clients.”

– Parshad Singh
Singh Advisory, LLC.

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“I see myself doing a partial book sale annually. As we add clients to the top, we want to take them away from the bottom. That’s how businesses grow fast.”

– Will Zimmerman
Cedar Ridge Wealth Management Group, LTD.


Powered by a digital platform, completing a partial book sale is seamless. You’ll identify accounts that no longer fit your business model, and then be guided through the submission, approval, and payout process. Once designated accounts are transferred to LPL, clients will be welcomed by the Investor Focused Solutions team of advisors, who assume responsibility for the ongoing relationship.

For more information about the process, which blends the power of automation with a high-touch transition process for clients, visit the Partial Book Sales page on the Resource Center (login to ClientWorks required).

LPL does not pick and choose which accounts to buy. We only act upon those accounts you’ve identified. We do, however, have a few basic guidelines. For example, corporate advisory, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, annuities, and similar products are all acceptable assuming the account data is in good order.

For more specifics on acceptable accounts, visit the Partial Book Sales page on the Resource Center (login to ClientWorks required).

Your transitioned clients will receive ongoing advice and service from the LPL Investor Focused Solutions team. After the transfer, the team immediately initiates outreach and assumes responsibility for the client relationships. The onboarding experience is seamless, welcoming, and engaging and is intended to reinforce the notion that their advisor has acted in their best interest in transferring the relationship.

Learn more about the LPL Investor Focused Solutions team and its onboarding process on the Partial Book Sales page on the Resource Center (login to ClientWorks required).